What a shift, huh? We go from an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) to now a novice Nurse Practitioner (NP). This can be nerve wrecking, but you know I have some tips for you. Let’s talk about it!

Now that you have graduated NP school and passed your certification boards. It’s time to begin working. The anxiety sets in, because now you are the new kid on the block again.

Many factors are a part of the NP role. I will admit, your 1st year will be the toughest year. It is tough, but it is doable.

In your new role, I recommend selecting a few resources to keep handy. It will vary depending on your area of practice.

Here are the basics. Allow yourself time to learn the charting system, and work on structuring a daily rhythm. This is half the battle, as we know how to assess and treat patients. Now you have to get a rhythm to flow through your day a bit smoother.

One thing is charting, as with nursing… it is best to chart as you go. I know some days this may seem impossible, but trust me… CHART AS YOU GO!


While you work through this first year, you will learn common diagnosis seen in your practice. I like to keep a running list of these and set indicators to easily document. A binder or Google drive folder is great for this.

Next, here are some great tools and resources while in practice.

UptoDate: I love this app as it is right at your fingertips and is a great guide when needing to quickly look things up.

A great book as a pocket guide is: Practice Guidelines for FNP This is a great tool, that is a quick resource of common diagnosis.

One other bit of advice is, allow yourself GRACE. You have a strong nursing foundation, you have done the work in school and clinical rotation, now go be confident in your skill set.