As you prepare for graduation and begin your job search, updating your CV or resume is a must. It may seem a bit difficult as you are going from an experienced nurse to now a new grad nurse practitioner.

We all know the obstacle of jobs wanting people with experience, but we need to start somewhere to have experience. One reminder that I like to give is that although you are a new grad NP, doesn’t mean that you do not have experience.

Now is the time to showcase YOU!

Highlight yourself!

Let’s talk about it:

1: Eliminate the objectives portion. I know that we are use to including objectives, but you need to highlight yourself immediately. So replace this section with a professional summary or key attributes. You can use either title for that section and include a brief summary on you. Explain what makes you stand out from your career experience.

2: Experience: Be sure to include your completed clinical hours while in NP school, to highlight where you have rotated. I also recommend including how many hours that you completed and how many patients that you managed during this rotation.

3: Detail your work experience: Summarize your skills.

4: Education: Of course include your education.

5: Certifications: Be sure to include your certifications, license, and awards.

The key is to quickly highlight what makes you special compared to any other applicant. QUICKLY being the key word.

Take a moment to update your CV or resume and have someone look over it for you.

Dr. Brittany Winestock, FNP-BC