I have found juggling it all work, school, family, etc can be hectic sometimes. I have learned to find ways to make all areas a bit easier.

This isn’t our usual NP talk, but yall understand a busy lifestyle; so I wanted to share things that I have found helpful.

Yall!!!!!!! My latest find is the Bisell Crosswave!!! Let me tell you, set a little cash to the side and get one. We have three small girls and since COVID we have been home for months… Meaning more messes and more cleaning.

I felt like I was sweeping and mopping twelve times a day, nevermind, I WAS LOL!! I can laugh about it now.

Bissell Crosswave

Now, let me explain… the Bissell Crosswave is a cordless, electric mop. It cleans and dries the floor at the same time. It vacuums the trash and mops at the same time. It cleans hardwoods and area rugs. It self cleans on the docking station. Listen, IT. IS. EVERYTHING!!!!!