While preparing for nurse practitioner boards, you hear so many things. One of which is the amount of non clinical content on certain exams. So, I receive the question frequently as to what non-clinical content truly is and how to study that material.

Non-Clinical content is all the content that is not clinical. This includes about 5 different sections.

Here is a list:

  1. Culture
  2. Ethics
  3. Billing/CMS
  4. Professional Issues/Topics
  5. Research

Let’s discuss these a bit and then we will get into resources that are great when reviewing non-clinical content. This is not all inclusive, but a start.

CULTURE: This will be the time to review your cultural terms and making sure that you know the beliefs of various cultures.

ETHICS: This includes your ethical terms that we learned even in nursing (undergraduate) school. You know beneficence, non maleficence, etc.

BILLING/CMS: This includes ICD-10, CPT codes, Medicaid, Medicare, and more.

PROFESSIONAL ISSUES/TOPICS: This includes all of our professional terms and common issues and practices in our role.

RESEARCH: This includes theories, theorists, hierarchy pyramid and more. Here is a quick video of me covering the pyramid. Research hierarchy pyramid

Again, this is not all inclusive, but I wanted to provide you with an idea of what is included.

Non-Clinical Content


A few great resources that include non-clinical content and I recommend.

Of Course My Book: There is a non-clinical section as well as practice questions. What I love about my personal review book, is that it is condensed and straight to the point. Check it out here: FNP Certification Review Book (2nd ed.)

Another great resource is the Maria Codina Leik’s Review Book. This also includes non-clinical content and practice questions. What I love about this review book is that the practice questions are well created. They are helpful and helped me tremendously for boards Check it out here: FNP Intensive Review: 3rd ed.

The final resource is a book that is solely for practice questions. Disclaimer, you will only need chapter 19 from this book, but I loved it. The variety of non clinical questions was a game changer for me on boards. Check it out here: Chapter 19

One additional bonus, because I love yall… Here is a video of me teaching non-clinical content. Get this Free content and thank me later!!! Check it out here: NON-CLINICAL REVIEW