There are so many things that we must know while navigating through NP school, as well as when preparing for boards and practice. Sometimes it may seem impossible. I receive questions frequently on Pediatric rashes.

Dermatology has a ton of skin conditions and descriptions to learn, but the Pediatric rashes seem to come up more often. I have two quick tips to help with retaining this content.

  1. Google the images of the rashes.
  2. Pay attention to the location.
Google the images!


This is a game changer, especially for visual learners. When going through each rash, read the content, write it out, and google the images for retention. This enhances the learning aspect, because the more you review and the more ways you review; the easier it is to retain. When seeing the image of the rash, it allows you to visualize what you have read as the description.


Pay attention to the location of the rash. For example, if the description says that the rash is commonly seen on the trunk, it will be displayed that way in most images. When reviewing the content it will assist in narrowing down the diagnosis. This also assist when preparing to answer questions on boards and eventually in practice.

Now, since I love yall, I have created a video on Pediatric rashes including images to help you review and to see what I am recommending.

Just click the link to watch the video: Video on Pediatric Rashes

Happy Studying!

Dr. Brittany Winestock, FNP-BC