On Monday’s I focus on Motivation in hopes of helping someone else, but it is always a quote that I need as well.

This Monday’s quote is: “Don’t let what you can’t do, interfere with what you CAN do. “ John R. Wooden

Mindset is Key!!!

So often we begin to think of all things that seem impossible, instead of focusing on what is possible.

When you give energy to the negative aspect, you lose focus on the positive.

A few things that I do in the morning to get my mindset on a positive track is:

  1. Start with something positive.
  2. Say three things that I am grateful.
  3. Give 5-10 minutes to something inspirational or spiritual.


This is something that helped me tremendously! How often do we wake up, roll over, grab our phones and scroll social media🤦🏾‍♀️? Or wake up and turn on the news???

There is so much always going on, and honestly I can’t deal first thing in the morning. I need all I can to give me a good boost. Can you see that I am not a morning person?

What I started doing is, when I get up, I will read a quote or something positive. This got my mind on the right track. Then, I would move to my next step…


I would think, speak, or write down three things that I was grateful. How can you be mad, negative, or upset when thinking of things that you are grateful?

Then, I would allow time for something inspirational or spiritual.


All this may sound pretty quick, but consider a busy lifestyle as a working mother, wife and with three daughters. I have to get me together, to be prepared to get THEM together.

So, let me get back on track. This final step gets me hype and ready. You can’t tell me NOTHING, LOL! I listen to something inspirational, motivational, or spiritual. Either a quick video or music.

Now I’m fully alert and awake and ready for whatever.

Don’t get me wrong, I am human and I still need things throughout the day… but try these tips and let me know the difference you see in your day.

Remember, mindset is key! So be sure you are being intentional on the thoughts you allow yourself to have. Your mindset is half the battle.