Many factors have changed for each of us, due to COVID -19. Some are working from home, furloughed, home schooling, etc. Everyone is having to adapt, parents and children as well. So, how are you taking care of yourself?

Our homes have turned into our office, school, spa, hair salon, etc. We are doing everything at home now and everyone is handling it differently. I even notice how my daughters are working to adjust to our new normal.

Let’s discuss a few things to do during this time.

  1. Plan time for yourself.
  2. Restructure your daily schedule.
  3. Rest and give yourself grace.


“Me” Time!

This is huge and also difficult with everyone in the house. I have found this difficult as well. I started picking at least a day week for my own personal “spa” night. Candles, mani/pedis, music.

I wake up earlier than everyone to allow time to myself daily as well. I know this may not be what we are accustom to, but I can definitely say it has made a different for me.

Pick something that you enjoy and plan time for you! It’s a MUST!


I guess you are like, duh… We have definitely restructured our schedules. The thing is, we have restructured, but we need to restructure as if this a permanent lifestyle. Many of us are just making it work, with the hopes that this is temporary. I believe setting a schedule for kid duties, maybe setting work duties earlier, family time, date nights, “me” time, to fit the new norm; may allow things to flow a little better.


This is the main thing. We are trying to do it all, during a pandemic at that. Relax and allow yourself some grace. Do what you can and keep moving.