As you make the decision to further your career, you may think, how will I balance it all. As if work/life balance isn’t hard enough, now we throw in school.

Listen to me closely, you CAN do it. It will not be easy, so I want to provide you with 3 quick tips to assist you through this phase of your journey.

  1. Plan
  2. Batch
  3. Remain Consistent
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”


Grab you a planner and write EVERYTHING out. Include your work schedule, family schedule, and school assignment due dates. You need to be able to visualize your schedule so that you can plan accordingly.

One huge piece of advice is to set realistic goals. An easy way to become overwhelmed and to fall off your schedule, is by setting goals that do not realistically fit your schedule.

Sit down weekly and plan! Consider where you are with all tasks, prioritize those tasks, then plan them around your work and family life.

Also, during this time, if you can delegate some tasks, DO IT! DON’T be afraid to ask for help. You know your true support system, discuss your goals and see where they can lend a helping hand.


Batch your work!!! I repeat, BATCH YOUR WORK!!!

Batching your tasks is a HUGE life saver!!!! Trust me, batch your work… I repeat, BATCH YOUR WORK!!!!

So, you may be saying, what do you even mean Brittany?! Batching tasks means that you do similar things, in batches.

So, if this is a day off and you have reading that needs to be done, do all of your reading. If you have to do discussion posts or SOAP notes for a few classes, sit down and do those in batches. While you are in that zone, knock those things out.

Batch your school work, batch your family needs, etc. For example, iron clothes for the week or meal prep. Whatever you can do in batches, do it so that you have more time during your week for all other duties that are not as flexible.


Consistency is KEY!

Remaining consistent is the KEY! Some weeks we will fall short and more obstacles will arise, but remain consistent. This is only a temporary phase, push through and reach your goals.