Dr. Brittany Winestock, FNP-BC

Whew! Things have quickly changed for all of us… but before I get deep into things, let me introduce myself.

Hey yall! I am Dr. Brittany Winestock, family nurse practitioner and founder and CEO of The Nursing Studio! I work in cardiology and love it. In my role I see patients in the hospital as well as in the office. Then, COVID happened!!!!


On the frontline, I was still working when COVID really started spreading nationwide. Daily temperature checks and assessments of any COVID symptoms. Daily changes as we quickly adapted to the new normal. No visitors allowed, limited masks and PPE, and so much more.

My anxiety was heightened daily as you grabbed your mask, kept as much distance as possible, hand washing, dont touch this, smile, oh wait they can’t see your smile….. and the list goes on.

I would get off, change shoes, leave my lab coat and drive straight home and shower. Praying that I did not transmit anything to my kids (3 daughters, ages 8, 4, and 2 years old) or my husband. It was hectic and honestly STRESSFUL!


Then schools closed! 😳😳😳 Happy that my oldest was home safely, but then we had to adjust for childcare and homeschool. Everyone struggled as this was all so different.

Our parents could not watch the kids as they are considered in the elderly population and my mom was just discharged from being hospitalized for 4 months.

Then, I received an email from our younger two daughter’s daycare that someone tested positive for COVID and the daycare would be closing!


As if life wasn’t throwing uppercuts left and right… I was then furloughed!!! I went through so many emotions as I was happy to be out of a high risk area with the potential of bringing anything home to my family; but I was hurt as I love what I do, I was wondering how things looked next financially, I was just trying to pivot in all areas of my life.

So many different factors to consider and most of the usual resources were no longer available. But….. 60 plus days and counting furloughed, we are doing just fine. God has provided continously and we have not lacked at all.

We successfully homeschooled our 8 year old and she is headed to the third grade, we have spent time with our businesses and found things that we really didn’t need day to day.

I have cooked about every meal that you could think of and if you know me, you know I love to cook and ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO EAT! With the extra time, we have had more time together and our focus has changed to what truly matters, US!

Frontline to Furlough has been a journey, but I am continuing to trust the journey!

How have you adapted during this time? Have you gone from the frontline to furlough? Tell me in the comments!