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There are a variety of courses designed for the AANP and ANCC exam. The courses range from system specific review courses for those who may only need to review a few systems; to full comprehensive reviews. 

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online courses

The Nursing Studio offers 3 main packages, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These packages has something for everyone. From 1 system specific review to a full comprehensive review.

1:1 sessions

This package is for 1:1 sessions with Dr. Brittany Winestock, FNP-BC for one hour at a time. During this session we will work through your weakness so that you will leave our session feeling stronger in those areas.

45 Day challenge

This package is a self paced course that is designed to be completed in 45 days. You will receive precorded audio of Dr. Brittany Winestock, FNP-BC teaching you each system. You will also receive the associated published review book to follow with your studies.

FNP and AGNP Comprehensive Review

This package includes a 6 hour video of Dr. Brittany Winestock, FNP-BC teaching all content needed for exam success. This is in preparation for the AANP and ANCC review. 
This includes a video and workbook.


Nursing school has been a challenge. Mrs. Winestock has devoted her time, not only to teaching, but to encourage us to be the best nurses that we can be. It makes a difference when you have an instructor who cares.


Mrs. Winestock is a wonderful instructor. She has me not only helped me understand a particular disease process but she has helped me develop that critical thinking skill that a nurse needs. She is very knowledgeable in the nursing profession and I appreciate her expertise in all aspects. I am a new graduate registered nurse and I still call on her when I have a question about something. She has no problem picking up her phone and helping me understand or solve a problem.

L. Mitchell

I took my FNP certification test in August of 2015, and I’m forever grateful for the constant review with Brittany Winestock. The motivation she instilled and strong work ethic is indescribable. I went to and purchased numerous reviews prior to testing, but lacked the discipline to study numerous hours day after day. Brittany Winestock created a method to make reviewing fun and catered to my learning style. Her review style allowed me to retain the needed information needed for certification. I would recommend her review to anybody that needs to take the certification exam.


I am Brittany Winestock, , DNP, FNP-BC, Founder and President of The Nursing Studio. I am an International Nurse Practitioner Review Instructor, and I have been coined as the test taking tactician. I work with reviewers who may have testing difficulties such as; test anxiety, previous unsuccessful attempts, or simply those who need guidance to test confidently. I provide condensed courses and material to eliminate the overload factor, whiling providing tons of tactics to easily understand and retain all content.


– Brittany Winestock, DNP, FNP-BC, founder and president of the nursing studio

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